Holistic Services

Elite Allergy and Wellness offers state of the art holistic and complementary alternative health care. Our practitioners utilize multiple holistic health disciplines to provide a comprehensive care plan for each of their patients based on assessment and need.

Our goal is to “Change Your Status to Elite”. We have a licensed Physical Therapist and a licensed Chiropractor on staff. We offer the following:

  • Physical Therapy
  • Chiropractic Care
  • Body Balancing
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Pain Management
  • Weight Management
  • Neurological Stress Reduction Therapy (NSRT)
  • Nutritional Counseling

Protocols offered at our office

  • Sensitivity for Alleviating the Stress Response to Common Substances
  • Just Stop! for relief of anxiety, irritability and cravings related to smoking cessation
  • Lose It! Weight management program
  • Sleep & Rest
  • Energy & Performance
  • Vitality (Anti-Aging/Biological Youth Lifestyle Program)
  • Detox & Cleanse
  • Focus & Concentration
  • Boost
  • StressLess
  • Wheezeaway
  • Healthy Skin For psoriasis, eczema, & acne
  • Yeast Free
  • Pain Management